Sangameshwar taluka is situated on the confluence of the Alakananda and the Varuna rivers in the heart of the Sahyadris. God Parshuram is believed to have meditated in this area. You can find historical forts, ancient temples and hot water springs here. The twisted roads, dense forests and the high flowing waterfalls describe the beauty of Konkan as well. Marleshwar and Tikaleshwar of Devrukh are situated here on the top from where you can feel the enormity of the Ghats and the deep valleys of the mighty Sahyadris.

Dhamapur Waterfall, Sangameshwar

Dhareshwar Waterfall, Marleshwar

The Hot Water Springs, Rajwadi

The Hot Water Springs, Tural

Karneshwar Temple, Sangameshwar

Mamacha Gaon, Tural

Shree Marleshwar, Sangameshwar

Tikaleshwar Temple, Devrukh

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