Rajapur town situated on the banks of river Arjuna is 15 miles from the sea and 30 miles from Ratnagiri. It was the safest harbour and also a huge warehouse during the British period. There are many interesting places in Rajapur taluka such as the dense forests, the kokani wadis in the greenery, Dhutpapeshwar temple, the famous Ganga of Rajapur, all the beautiful waterfalls and the hot water springs near Unhale. Now days, Rajapuris becoming famous for the pre-historic Rock Carvings found here on the lateritic plateaus.

Chuna Kolvan Waterfall, Rajapur

Dhootpapeshwar, Rajapur

Mahakali Temple, Adivare

Ozarkada Waterfall, Rajapur

The Ganga of Rajapur

The Rock Carvings

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