Guhagar is believed to have existed since the ancient times, almost from Lord Parshuram`s era. The most famous place in Guhagar is the beautiful temple of Shree Vyadehshwara. Guhagar is hidden in the dense coconut groves with the background of the eastern mountains and facing the great sea ahead. You tend to remember this amazing journey because of the greenery, the ancient temples hidden in the dense forests, the delicious Konkani cuisine, and the affectionate natives. Guhagar also offers the home stay facility where you can stay in the local Konkani homes. The 6kms coast from Guahagr to Asgoli is very clean, quiet, and safe and you can spend hours walking on the soft sandy beach.

Bamanghal, Hedavi

Anjanvel or Gopalgad, Guhagar

Guhagar Beach

Dashbhuja Ganesh Temple, Hedavi

Velneshwar Temple, Velneshwar

Velneshwar Beach

Vyadeshwar Temple, Guhagar

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