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5 unforgettable beaches in Dapoli

Ratnagiri district is adorned with a vast coastline of 167 kms and the pristine beaches with the smooth silver sand always attract the tourists.

17.8473415, 73.0879032

Aanjarle Beach

As one heads north from Dapoli, a beautiful turn of the road to the mountain takes you towards the Aanjarle village.

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17.7762468, 73.1132002

Murud Beach

You can see a lot of white colored 'Seagulls' flying in the sky on the background of the giant waves.

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17.489014, 73.1847434

Guhagar Beach

The sparkling golden sand is seen from the forests of Casuarina locally known as Suru tree

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17.0874093, 73.2858467

Aare-waare Beach

These twin beaches, known as Aare-Ware were formed due to the corner of the mountain that submerged in the sea.

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16.795713, 73.316701

Gavkhadi Beach

You can see the dense Casuarina forests on your right side while traveling from Ratnagiri on the Rajapur, after crossing Purnagad's creek bridge.

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Aanjarle beach

Murud beach

Guhagar beach

Aare ware beach

Gavkhadi beach

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