Since January 26th, 1998, the Konkan railway which connects the route of Maharashtra-Goa-Karnataka states has become operational. This project which was thought to be impossible actually came into existence after facing many challenges. ‘An Indian miracle of the 20th century’ is how this railway project must be described. This train which travels at 160kms per hour covers a distance of 760kms from Konkan’s Roha to Mangalore. There are 1819 big and small bridges and 592 long and short tunnels on this track that indicate how difficult it must have been for the engineers of this project to build this route.

You feel like the train journey taken with the ‘Konkan Queen’ on this route which is hidden in the mountains must never end. This magical journey is through the green forest filled paths, the twisted roads of the mountains, crossing the long tunnels, the creek bridges on the rivers and the beautiful villages of Konkan on this Konkan railway. The journey taken with the Konkan railway in the rainy season through the dense green forests, watching the gigantic flowing waterfalls will be of immense joy.

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