The entire area of Ratnagiri is famous for its many natural and manmade wonders found here. You can not miss visiting the natural wonders which can surprise you such as the amazing geographical invention of ‘Bamangal’ in Hedvi, and the remarkable `Ganga of Rajapur’. The hot water springs found in 14 places such as Rajwadi, Tural, Unhavre, and Unhale are the specialties of Ratnagiri. Along with these natural wonders, you can also find many man-made wonders here. You must see the ancient caves which were dug centuries ago in Panhalekaji and Khed. Also an artistic man-made invention of newly discovered pre historic rock carvings wanders you in the age-old history of 30,000 to 40,000 years.

What was their purpose? What did the ancient man intend to tell us through these sculptures?

With a total of 29 caves, you will need a minimum of 1.5-2 hours to see all the wonderful sculptures in all of these caves.

As the caves have three chambers, it is believed that in old days these chambers were used as a resting place for the travellers and traders traveling on the trade routes.

The waves rigorously lash in to the rocks and fill this 3-4 meter deep crack and this creates a 10-15 meters high water column.

This place is considered as a geological wonder as Ganga suddenly emerges and starts flowing here since the ancient times.

On these thermal springs, you will find the man made hot water ponds called Kunda which are specially built for the tourists to bathe in.

The area around the hot water basin is very elegant and beautiful. You must visit this hot water spring to see the surrounding beautiful nature.

Hot water springs of Tural are situated just besides Mumbai – Goa Highway, around 7 kms north from Sangameshwar.

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