Because of the beautiful rivers which emerge from the Sahyadri Mountains and travel a distance of just 30-40kms to meet the seas, many fascinating waterfalls which is a beautiful invention of nature can be found in Ratnagiri. Along with the Savatsada and Nivali waterfalls found along the Mumbai –Goa highway you can also enjoy beautiful cascading waterfalls in the interior part of Ratnagiri during rainy season such as Marleshwar, Khorninko, Devpat, Dhamapur, and Ranpat waterfalls.

The roaring mammoth waterfall is enthralling as well as scary at the same time. If you wish to experience this thrill, you must visit the Dhareshwar waterfall of Marleshwar during heavy rainfalls.

The torrent flows with tremendous force during the rainy season and cascading Chuna Kolvan waterfall looks very radiant.

Seeing the calm streams flowing down the steps of the bright white waterfall is an unforgettable experience.

The whole pathway that leads up to the Ozarkada waterfall is lined up with powerful yet calming scenes of nature.

After you cross the jungle trail, the beautiful, clean and pure waterfall of Dhamapur captures your attention.

The rare sighting of the leopard by the villagers is the sign of a rich, healthy and beautiful forest habitat.

on the Mumbai-Goa highway, you go to the Nivali Ghat. You are forced to stop while traveling on this ghat to see the spectacular waterfall, flowing with force while cutting through the greenery.

In the peak rainy season, these vertical streams crawling through the ranges of the velvety looking Sahyadri comes gushing down on the background of the lush green cover.

The Sawatsada cliff, from where the waterfall actually emerges is just 5 kilometers from Chiplun.

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