Many temples here in Ratnagiri have a very special place in the heart of the devotees due to the traditions and the faith that has been followed for thousands of years. The devotees and the tourists experience the greenery around the temple, the presence of the surrounding rivers and the sea in the vicinity, its beautiful ancient idols, and the architecture with the calm and peaceful environment around the temple.

The devotees feel at peace in the evergreen hilly area, after going around the temple i.e. Pradakshina.

The road leading to the temple is engulfed in dense green trees and there is a straight road for the vehicles that directly lead to the temple.

In rainy season, the Mrudani river flowing from the hills generates a chain of waterfalls along with the temple.

There are no words of praise for the artists who had built this temple. Many beautiful carvings are engraved on this 1600 years old temple.

Right in front of the temple, the pure white and beautiful Dhareshwar waterfall flows like the Ganges which is held safely by Lord Shiva on his head.

The speciality of the temple is the stairs which were built by Chandrarao More from Javali nearly 300 years ago.

Here, in the dense forest around Keshavraj temple, you can see a rear phenomenon of water stream flowing throughout the year.

In the beautiful and quiet place, your mind can experience intense calmness and peace.

The moment you reach the Velneshwar temple, the beautiful light post adorned with oil lamps at entrance, immediately grabs your attention.

Tourists fall in love with the colourful bastion and the mango groove surrounding the area.

Electricity is not used in the area of the temple. The sight of the idol in the soft lights of the oil lanterns is mesmerising.

The idol of Laxmikeshava at Kolisare near Ganpatipule is one of the most beautiful idols of lord Vishnu in Maharashtra state.

The tradition of bathing the idol of the Goddess in coconut milk and oil on every full moon and no moon day,

A small pond is situated inside the temple premises and there are steps leading down in to the pond. Many different types of lotuses can be seen blooming in this pond.

The temple is surrounded by dense forests and greenery from all three sides. Devotees experience the intense peace that prevails here.

Standing on top of the Tikaleshwar Mountain, you can see the long spread dense green forests, terrifyingly steep valleys and the glorified beauty of the Sahyadri.

The whole temple is built and set in stone including all pillars, surrounding walls and the central temple.

A 70 feet deep well with steps has been carved in the stones on the lateritic plateau near the temple. This man-made wonder blows your mind.

The idol is very beautiful and stands in the aggressive form of Mahishasur mardini. She portrays weapons in all of her eight hands

Legend dictates that Yakutbaba travelled from the Hyderabad-Sindh province to Kelshi in 1618. He resided in Kelshi since then, and was known for his love for fellow residents and secularism.

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