Just your two eyes are insufficient to see all the joyful and amusing places in Ratnagiri. You must spare sufficient time to visit all the famous, entertaining places in every taluka. The Shivasrushti of Dervan, ancient Konkan museum and the wax museum in Ganpatipule are some of the famous tourist places here. The memorial of Burondi Parshuram is divine and magnificent whereas the aquarium of various marine species in Ratnagiri is mesmerizing! You cannot miss the hospitality found in Mamacha Gaon in Tural that feels like home. You can only feel satisfied if you come with a lot of time on your hand to travel around this vivacious, happy and joyful Ratnagiri. Just take a break from your day to day hectic schedule to try and spend some time with yourself here.

The most prominent attraction that can be found here is the huge skeleton of the `Whale’ which is 55 feet long

Enjoy the rustic red roof Konkani houses, the beauty of sun rays falling through the roof tops and the big backyard of the house.

This complex is surrounded by greenery and the far-sighted Ladghar beach visible from here adds a lot of beauty to this place.

A beautiful, small Konkan village has been artistically created on an area of 3 acres on a lush green hill.

It is as if the various events come alive through these sculptures and leave you feeling mesmerized.

After visiting the temple at Ganpatipule and the sea coast, you must visit this wax museum to have a fun-filled, memorable experience.

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