Many strong, robust Mountain forts have been standing on hilltops of the eastern Sahyadri ranges for many centuries in Ratnagiri district. Similarly many sea forts, protecting the sea coast of Ratnagiri have been standing at the prominent spots in the sea. There are a total of 29 forts in the district which tourists can see while visiting Ratnagiri. Fortunately, you can travel by your own vehicle or use the local transportation to see these forts. Other than the monsoon season, you can visit the forts in all the other seasons. As the surrounding area of these forts is gorgeous, you are mesmerized by its scenic beauty as well as its rich history.

The 24 bastions, standing in a queue, look like a beautifully woven necklace.

This huge fort is spread over 120 acres of land and is almost 1211 meters in length and 917 meters wide.

Outside the fort, a deep moat was dug for the protection of the fort. The main fort consists of 14 bastions whereas the pavement has 10 bastions.

While circling the walled area, you can see the surrounding sea and the greenery.

The fort’s protective fortifications and bastions have been preserved till date. There is a Ganeshpatti of Lord Ganesh on the main entrance. The Savitri River flows near this fort.

This fort was built during the reign of Panhala’s King Bhoj in the 12th century.

Once you reach the top, you are mesmerised by the vast seascape and the creek of the Muchkundi River.

When the fort is covered in mist, it creates a mysterious aura.

While walking on the thick walls of fort we can’t miss the tremendous view.

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