While traveling through Ratnagiri, you pass through various habitats such as the twisted Ghat roads, thick forests, high mountains, stretches of coasts, evergreen mangroves, vast lateritic plateaus, wide rivers and the cherished sacred groves. Each habitat is diverse and has its own special features.

It is a very exciting and unforgettable experience to ride in a boat in the back waters and see the crocodiles resting calmly on the shores.

Each year, the village of Velas, Aanjarle, Dabhol, Gaokhadi in Ratnagiri District in Maharashtra, bears witness to a truly heart-warming sight as thousands of newly hatched Olive Ridley turtles take their first steps towards the big blue sea.

You get the opportunity for bird watching here during any season of the year.

You can easily spot 40-50 types of butterflies if you sit for two or three hours on one of the hills or rivers.

The Ratnagiri forests shelter many species with its dense greenery, calm environment, and abundant water.

These mangrove forests are the last hope of the several endangered rare species which are slowly getting destroyed.

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