The beautiful beaches of Ratnagiri stretching along the 167 kms.  of a long coastline are adorned with its pure silver sand, always attract tourists from all over the world. The marine life found here is also rich and diverse. Experience the golden sunset in the presence of the pure white, frothing waves, and enjoy the experience of bathing again and again in the sea on the beaches which are very safe. You can also enjoy different water and adventure sports found on different beaches in Ratnagiri.

Once you cross the mountain, a riveting view welcomes you with all its pomp and serenity.

The span of the ocean seen from these beaches is vast enough and thus impossible to catch in one glimpse.

You never know how time flies when you experience the feel of the velvety soft sand under your feet.

The various experiences one can have at this beach make it worthy of a longer stay, perhaps a full holiday!

Fresh fish from the ocean, cooked in a typical coconut based local curry or fry masala makes the foodie content.

It is a thrilling experience to try the different types of water rides through which one gets to experience the beauty of the deep sea.

You get completely lost while watching the far-fetched ocean, spread on the beautiful background of the dense green coconut trees.

You can see the dense Casuarina forests on your right side while traveling from Ratnagiri on the Rajapur road, after crossing Purnagad’s creek bridge. The sparkling sea waves seen through the Casuarina trees are bound to allure everyone and your feet unknowingly turn towards Gavkhadi’s beautiful beach. Taluka – Ratnagiri Bus Stand – Ratnagiri Railway

A calming walk under the dense foliage leads one to the wide and beautiful beach of Kelshi.

Each year, the tiny village of Velas, in Maharashtra, bears witness to a truly heart-warming sight as thousands of newly hatched Olive Ridley turtles take their first steps towards the big blue sea.

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