The geographical structure of the Ratnagiri district is unique. This includes the robust Sahyadri Mountains to the east, rich creeks, the vast ocean, the twisty roads winding through the deep valleys and the dense forests. Ratnagiri invites the vivacious adventure lovers to enjoy the spirit of the adventure.

It is an adventurous experience to ride on the waves and travel at the speed of the wind on a boat

You can experience this magical world found at the bottom of the ocean with the colourful fishes, wonderful corals and the marine flora.

it is truly thrilling to travel through thick trees, through the rugged ridges, the tiring Ghat roads or on the vast seashores.

It is a thrilling experience to watch the frothing vast sea below while hanging on the ropes.

The beautiful Shayadri ranges to the east are always calling the mountain lovers.

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