The Jewel in the Crown

True to its name, Ratnagiri is a treasure trove of assorted gems - natural, geological, geographical, historical, social and cultural. It is the firm foundation of the robust Sahyadri mountain range replete with beautiful seashores, the frothing, roaring sea, silver beaches, lush green forests, thickset mangroves, bottomless valleys, red soil, massive creeks with marshlands, and coconut-betel nut plantations. Today it is gaining a new identity as a land that is prosperous and modern which also adheres to tradition and culture.

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Where Ocean meets the Land...


There are several old and ancient beautiful temples that have been there for centuries. The temples here have a special place in the hearts of worshippers due to traditions that have been going on for centuries.


Because of the beautiful rivers which emerge from the Sahaydri Mountains and travel a distance of just 30-40 kms to meet the seas, many fascinating waterfalls which is a beautiful invention of nature can be found in Ratnagiri.

Forts of Vigilance

Ratnagiri… Get Lost to Find Yourself !

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